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Stable Vehicle Storage

At Stable Vehicle Storage, we have strict procedures we follow every time a car enters or leaves our building. We also have procedures for when your vehicle is in our care. We are passionate about all motor vehicles and aim to care for your car in a way you would yourself.


1. Vehicle is photographed and a report of the vehicles condition is recorded and sent to the client


2. Vehicle is safe-washed, air dried and interior cleaned

Ferrari 488 pista (2).jpg

3.  Protective floor mat, steering wheel cover, drivers seat cover and door card protection applied

2 bucket clean

4. Tyre pressures increased for storage to prevent flat spotting ( or placed on tyre cushions)

2 bucket clean

5. Prior to storage we allow the vehicle to fully air dry overnight

2 bucket clean

6. Drip tray placed underneath the vehicle to monitor any possible fluid loss

2 bucket clean

7. CTEK MXS 5.0 battery trickle charge connected to ensure battery health is always correct


8. Soft, plush indoor cover applied 

Stable 3 wallpaper.jpg

During Storage

  • 24/7 Monitored Alarm System with High Definition CCTV

  • Heated and air conditioned facility to maintain the correct temperature to store vehicles

  • All cars placed under cover and on automatic CTEK trickle charger.

  • Completely discreet. Private environment from prying eyes.

  • Daily - Facility is thoroughly checked morning and night, trickle charger status checked.

  • Weekly - Drip trays inspected for any potential fluid loss.

  • Monthly - Vehicle​ is started and ran up to temperature *Can be arranged more regularly upon request*

  • Regular updates and photographs sent to customer and any issues reported.


Departure Protocol

At Stable Vehicle Storage, we really do have a eye for detail and want your car or bike to be perfect and seamless for you when you come to use it

Vehicle is finessed using quick detailer spray for extra gloss and interior re-hoovered, seat covers, floor mats etc removed.

Tyre pressures checked to the manufacturer recommended setting.

Condition rerecorded and updated into our database

Road Tax and MOT checked - we all can forget! 

Final stage check over prior to departure

Transportation from our door to yours is available. Please ask for further details.

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