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Location & Premises



Stable Vehicle Storage is located centrally to Christchurch town centre with easy access via A338, Black Water Junction exit.

There is great links to Southampton, London and beyond.


From London: 100miles – 2hrs 

From Portsmouth: 50miles – 55mins

From Southampton: 25miles – 35mins

From Dorchester: 35miles – 45mins


Stable Vehicle Storage is located within close proximity from Christchurch train station. We are able to offer collection and

drop off services.

 Average train travel time :

From London: 2hrs 12mins

From Portsmouth: 1hr 43mins

From Southampton: 43mins

From Dorchester: 1hr 26mins


Stable Vehicle Storage has state of the art internet connected CCTV, police attended security alarms, reinforced entry and exit points, appointment only access, fire suppression, comprehensively insured up to £2 million and a fully tarmacked entry way.

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