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Why A CTEK Trickle Charger is the best £70 you'll ever spend!

With winter well and truly underway, your weekend toy may not be seeing the road quite as often as you'd like it too!

On all vehicles a flat battery is a nightmare, however on more modern sports and supercars, it's even more of a issue than simply just jump starting it when you feel like taking it for a drive. Quite often on modern day batteries, it can cause an array of warning lights, that can only be reset by a main dealer or specialists diagnostics computer, therefore costing usually a large chunk of money. Hardly ideal?

At Stable, not only do we want your battery and car to be healthy and in a 'turn key' state, for us and for you, not dealing with the hassle of warning lights!

CTEK are also 'smart' trickle chargers, therefore meaning it knows the batteries state, and will never therefore overcharge the battery. It has a unique 8 stage charging system which gives you a simple reading of the batteries condition.

On the MXS 5.0 model, which is what we use, it also has a Recondition mode, which can be extremely useful.

Overall, if you are parking your car up for winter, or even a few weeks, it can't be without a smart trickle charger!


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