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Where are you located? 

For security reasons, we do not publish our full address, however we are centrally located close to Bournemouth and the New Forest with superb railway links directly from London just a few minute walk away from us.

Trickle charger?

We only use and accept CTEK manufacured trickle chargers here at Stable. This is due to the inlet fuse in CTEK products which is a fire safety preventative.

CTEK manufacture chargers for brands such as Ferrari, Porsche, BMW and many more.

We have some MXS5.0 chargers we can rent to customers for a small fee, we can provide these for the client and equally you are more than welcome to provide your own!

Vehicle cleaning?

When a car is stored with Stable, we will not put a soft indoor cover on the car unless it has been perfectly cleaned by our partnering detailing team. This is because we care about paintwork, and putting even the softest cover on the car if it is dirty or dusty, will cause rubbing and therefore swirl marks to be made in the paint. When the car is initially inducted into storage, we will valet the car free of charge, however cleaning afterwards is charged. There are several options for this, so chat to the team to discuss your individual needs

What can you store other than cars?

We specialise in supercars and other luxury and prestige cars, however we can also store motorbikes! With motorbike theft extremely prevelant at the moment, Stable offers a secure option for motorbike owners.


Unfortunately we cannot offer storage for Boats, Caravans or any other vehicle. 


We are comprehensively insured with a large blanket cover from a specialist insurer. We do ask you keep your vehicle insured on it's own policy. Vehicles up to £150,000 in value are insured in the standard weekly charge, however vehicles exceeding this value are subject to a small additional charge.

Tyres? Fuel?

For long term storage, all tyres are over inflated above the manufacturers recommended pressure and are regularly monitored and inflated. We can provide tyre cushions to prevent flat spotting, please chat to the team.

For long term storage, we recommend storing the vehicle with a full tank of fuel. If the vehicle is returned with low fuel we can top the tank up, however a service charge will be added.

Is there any other associated costs?

Stable is your one stop shop. We can arrange everything for you from MOT's located a very short distance from our premises, servicing with a main dealer or specialist, and we can even assist with open or enclosed transport to and from, nationwide.


Alternatively, we are comprehensively insured to drive vehicles, so they can be dropped and collected from your home if you so require.

This is all charged on a job-by-job basis so please let us know your requirements.

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